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How to pour a faux marble counter-top

Step 1: Prepare your countertops

  • Do particle board underneath
  • Bond all of the edges sand that down.
  • Finally, do a primer coat on it.

Step 2: Measure your countertops

  • So that we know how many square feet or ounces of epoxy that we’re going to need to do the pour.
  • Length*width
  • Divide the total sq. inches by 144. (114 sq. inch in feet).
  • Divide that by 20. (1 gallon covers 20 feet)
  • Multiply the no. of gallons with the ounces that are present in a gallon, so we can find out how many ounces we need.

Step 3: Mix the hardener with the resin

  • Mix the hardener first, in our case which is our crystal-clear illusions hardener and then next we’ll go ahead and put in our resin.
  • Mix it very well for 3-4 mins. The temperature should be 75-80 degrees.

Step 4: Add colorants and mica powder

  • We are using our white colorants and our colors are really potent so you only need two ounces per gallon to go ahead and tint it to pure white.
  • Continue mixing.
  • Once you have the white mixed up, dump some of it into another mixing container and then we’re going to add some of our gunmetal mica powder to make a really nice grey that’s going to be our veiny and coloring in our marble.

Step 5: Pour and spread

  • Our epoxy is actually self-levelling as well so what we’ve gone ahead and done was you’ve rolled out all the white and now we are going to go ahead and put in our gunmetal and white make sure that we’ve mixed up and kind of make the decorations and stuff so we’ll show you how we do that in the next step.

Step 6: Decorations (Chopping)

  • Tapping out the lines kind of giving it some character it’s one of the techniques that you could do.
  • With the spray bottle just spray on some 91% alcohol mixed with our mica

Step 7: Torch

  • Pop all air bubbles with a torch. I like to do this two times so we’ll do it right after we’re done doing our design and then a second time about 30 minutes later.

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