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How to do new countertops using just particle board

Step 1: Preparing the particleboards

  • Purchase the particleboard and have them cut it directly in the required size.
  • The average counter depth is twenty-five and a half inches. Go ahead and have them rip twenty-five and a half inches. Have them cut two pieces of every size that you need so you can glue them together, and it will be two pieces thick.
  • For all the seams, you can use a biscuit joint, or if you don’t have a biscuit joiner, you can use a dowel jig.
  • You have the particleboards plugged with the glue, run some screws into the bottom that you’re looking at, and then you can flip it over.
  • If you want the seams(joints) together glued well, you can screw a small board placeholder into place. (this is only going to while it’s drying).

Step 2: Sanding the particleboards

  • The belt sander, grind a little divot in the seam so that way we can fill it with Bondo.
  • Take a router, and we’re going to clean up all the edges make sure they’re all flat.
  • Choose a kind of design that you are going to do the edge
  • You have to do the same thing, take a belt sander and grind in the edges and fill any of the sides need to be finished with Bondo. Continue to do that on all of our finished edges.
  • All right, so now that we’ve seen it down all the high spots now, we can kind of see where we need to fill in more and get this nice and smooth with more of the cream style Bondo here so we’re going to go ahead and do that and once that’s done then we’ll get that all sanded up.

Step 3: Once Bondo is dry sand, then prime

Step 4: Use a plastic bag and paint your bottom art work layer

Step 5:  The first layer of epoxy was a transparent gun metal mica powder

Step 6:  Do some veins with another color black.

  • Tapping out the lines kind of giving it some character it’s one of the techniques that you could do.
  • With the spray bottle just spray on some 91% alcohol mixed with our mica

Step 7: Torch the air bubbles

Step 8: Lightly spray black spray paint

Step 9: Shower some sprinkles of alcohol with mica powder

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